iOS SDK Public Release Change log from 3.2 to 3.3

Change Log

New features:

  • Rendering a route as a dotted line
    Added a new property to the SKRouteSettings class that allows the route to be rendered as a dotted line.
    @property(nonatomic, assign) BOOL renderRouteAsDottedLine
  • Added north-up heading mode for 3D map display mode


  • The data type for all the public arrays and dictionaries has been specified in their declaration
  • Changed the type of all the public properties and methods parameters from int / long / unsigned int / unsigned long / long long to NSInteger / NSUInteger
  • All the classes have a factory method that returns a newly initialized instance.

Fixed bugs:

  • All the callbacks during a navigation are triggered
    The following navigation callbacks have been fixed:
    (void)routingService:(SKRoutingService *)routingService didChangeSecondaryAdviceImage:(UIImage *)adviceImage withLastAdvice:(BOOL)isLastAdvice;
    (void)routingService:(SKRoutingService *)routingService didChangeSecondaryVisualAdviceDistance:(NSInteger)distance withFormattedDistance:(NSString *)formattedDistance;
  • On rotation the callout view does not change its coordinates and point to annotation
  • Zoom with center anchor feature
  • The current position icon is updated when the navigation is done / cancelled
  • The rendering of the company and the OSM attributions on different map view's sizes
    The way the attributions are added to map has been refactored. They are properly positioned and scaled according to the map view's width (considering this is greater than the width of the attribution).
  • The annotation's minimum zoom level and minimum tap zoom level
  • The callout view is no longer rendered when the annotation disappears
  • Fixed a crash regarding the short route calculations


  • Updated the name of some public properties and methods
  • Reduced the size of the SDK by removing the SKAdvisorResources.bundle.
    Removed the possibility to configure the audio advisor to play the audio files during a navigation.
    The following navigation callbacks are no longer available:
    (void)routingService:(SKRoutingService *)routingService didUpdateFilteredAudioAdvices:(NSArray *)audioAdvices
     (void)routingService:(SKRoutingService *)routingService didUpdateUnfilteredAudioAdvices:(NSArray *)audioAdvices withDistance:(NSInteger)distance
  • Added the option to decide whether the map package at the provided file path should be erased or not.