Android SDK change log from version 3.0.2 to version 3.0.3


Added Fields:

String FRAMEWORK_VERSION - framework version
String LIBRARY_TYPE - library type
String TRAFFIC_USED - traffic options


Added methods

String getLibraryType() - Returns the SDK version
String getMapVersionFileName() - Returns the name of the SDK version file name used
String isTrafficUsed() - Returns the SDK traffic status

Added enums

SKMapViewHolder.SKAttributionPosition - Used to specify the position for the company and osm attributions

Added Methods

void setAttributionsLayout(Context, SKAttributionPosition) - Sets the attribution labels

Changed methods

void addWorldLayer(SKWorldLayerSettings, boolean) Change in signature from SKWorldLayerSettings to (SKWorldLayerSettings, boolean). Adds a new world layer @note if the uniqueName is already present on disk, then uses the data on disk
void removeWorldLayer(String, SKWorldLayerDataType) Change in signature from (String, boolean) to (String, SKWorldLayerDataType).
Documentation changed from old to new.
Removes (disables) a world layer
void removeWorldLayerData(String, SKWorldLayerDataType, int[]) Change in signature from (String, int[], boolean) to (String, SKWorldLayerDataType, int[]).
Documentation changed from old to new.
Removes the cached data of a world layer for the specific zooms @note The layer must not be active

Added Enums

SKWorldLayerSettings. SKWorldLayerDataType - Enum used to specify world layers error codes.

Added Constructors

SKWorldLayerSettings(String uniqueName, String tileServerURL, String dateSourceDir, int orderIDx,
          int cacheSize, float trasnparency, int zoomAadjust, int minZoomLevel, int maxZoomLevel,
          int maxCacheSizeOnDisk, int maxCacheTimeSpan, int maxSpanQueryInterval

Added Methods

String getDateSourceDir()
int getMaxCacheSizeOnDisk()
int getMaxCacheTimeSpan()
int getMaxSpanQueryInterval()
int getZoomAdjust()
void setDateSourceDir(String)
void setMaxCacheSizeOnDisk(int)
void setMaxCacheTimeSpan(int)
void setMaxSpanQueryInterval(int)
void setZoomAdjust(int)


Added Methods

void forceReroute()


Changed Enum

SKRouteListener.SKRoutingErrorCode - Added new Routing error codes

Changed Methods

void onReceivedSearchResults(List, boolean) Change in signature from List to (List, boolean). Notifies when there are search results.This method is notified on the UI thread.


Added Classes