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Welcome to the dev zone.

Unleash the power of OpenStreetMap (OSM) for your product or service. Our powerful SDK allows you to turn your Mobile and web ideas into reality. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s versatile – so what are you waiting for?

The Tour

Get a glimpse at what our SDK can do for you. You’ll be surprised. In a good way. And if you think this is good, wait until you hear about our prices.


Our vector-map engine is second-to-none, if you expect performance, flexibility, and stunning map visuals as well as features galore for your Mobile product.


Your customers will love your tailor-made tablet solutions based on our SDK. Simply because they work great. And look great. As will your solution.


Our web server is fiendishly quick. And thanks to Amazon Cloudfront, you'll never worry about scaling. Ever.

Map customization

Let our map be the canvas for your story. We enable you to make the map look and feel like it is truly part of your product and corporate identity. It's your map, not just any map. Check out our out-of-the-box map styles below for starters.

Routing & Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Rock-solid guidance - on top of OpenStreetMap


Our routing engine architect started building these things ages ago. And he just got better each year. Now he is one of the best in the industry.

Our current engine is his masterpiece. It is quite potent with alternative routes, offline rerouting, multiple travel modes (e-bikes are among them) and many more functionalities being included.

Give it a spin and see for yourself.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

It doesn't matter, whether you decide to use our routing engine or prefer your own custom route provider (GPX routes). Or whether your service runs online or offline. Our SDK lets your product idea become a reality.

Even more so, as customizable multilingual visual advices and audio advices come as standard.

RealReach™ & Heatmaps

Going way beyond the extra mile.


Ok, so you want to go somewhere within 15 minutes of work. What are your options? You could travel as far as 20 km away, if you took the highway, or just 5 km, if you decided to go downtown.
Our RealReach™ algorithm will compute all of this in an instant at any time (so you don’t have to).


Visualize what is most important to you and your users ‐ crisply and clearly. Which is the area with the most free parking places right now? Or the most restaurants? Or the most people checking in this very moment?

Use your data to create spectacular user experiences on top of your map.

The Showcases

Great companies already do great things with our SDK. Here‘s what they have to say about it.


TripAdvisor uses Telenav's Scout SDK in their global mobile app to power downloadable offline city maps. More


The Scout Maps API provides the detail and ease of use that Strava needs to continue to provide great service to their worldwide community of athletes. More


The smart drive 2 app turns your iPhone* into a connected information and multimedia system optimized for your smart car. More


With CamSam you receive editorially verified speed cam alerts in real time. More than 5 million participants worldwide report daily on newly discovered speed cams. More


Triposo offers you the best travel guide for your phone. Complete and up to date information from the best open sources and handy maps. Download city or country guides and use them offline while you travel. More


"Thanks to the Scout SDK, BikeCityGuide was able to dramatically reduce the size of their offline "City Packs"." Dietmar, CTO


"Their OpenStreetMaps SDK is guaranteed to be the best tool of its kind around, it's very easy to use and it's constantly evolving. The first time our development team had contact with it, we almost didn't need any documentation at all to make it work." Alexandru, CTO


Skobbler empowered Graphmasters to quickly build a complete routing prototype with fantastic looking map at its basis. More


"Tripwolf offers an unparalleled blend of unique content, material licensed from trusted travel partners, open-source content and their own special recommendations and rankings. Skobbler rounds off this ideal travel resource with their offline maps." Wilfried Schaffner, CEO

The Features

Our goal is to enable you to realize all your map service ideas for Mobile and web. And all these features will help you in doing just that, while the list gets longer and longer.

Have a look at an even more detailed list.

Anything missing or additional info required?

The benchmark

Take our tile server for a spin in a nifty little benchmark tool.

The benchmark

Click below and benchmark how our performance stacks up against other leading digital map solutions.

The comparison tool requires a wider screen size (>= 1024px).


Thank you for your interest in our developer program.

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We apologize for any inconvenience.


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